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Picture to People
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Custom Wallpaper Design Generator

Here you can design a customized wallpaper for free by using many beautiful and even exclusive image effects. You can also optionally write your name or other text message on your wallpaper with professional text logo generators.

It's very easy to use, you just need to follow some simple steps: click an image effect image to select the effect to apply and, if you want to draw a text, click a text design style to select the related text effect. After, in page bottom, configure how your input image should be used to create a wallpaper having the screen size of your device (computer or mobile). To write your text, also be sure the "Draw a text on wallpaper" option is checked and select a font face to be used. Choose your image to upload, click the "Generate" button and you are done.

When this pages loads, it tries to calculate the screen size of your device. If you don't want to create a wallpaper for the device you are currently using, change the width and height values to the target device.

No matter which font size you choose, if you type a long text, it can be reduced to fit your wallpaper size.

We have the most versatile online image editors: if you need a more customizable photo effect, just click the small icon near the effect name to open, in a new page, a related configurable free photo effect designer (but not related to creation of custom wallpapers).

You could also like to know our huge list of high quality Online Text Logo Design Generators.

If you have doubts about any of our online design apps, please read our How To Use page.

Choose an effect to your wallpaper image

Simple Photo (No Effect)

Dark Pencil Drawing


Monochrome Crayon Drawing


Fine Pencil Drawing


Detailed Pencil Drawing


Fast Pencil Sketch


Traditional Black Halftone


Detailed Halftone Drawing


Lomography Effect 1


Lomography Effect 4


Gradient Cartoon Drawing


Halftone Cartoon Drawing


Typographic Photo Effect 1


Typographic Photo Effect 6


Antique Vintage Photo


Old Sepia Photo


Retro Black and White Photo


Deep Small Jigsaw Puzzle


Sand Drawing


Spray Graffiti Drawing


Spray Ghetto Graffiti


Urban Art Graffiti


Vintage Drawing 1


Vintage Drawing 3


Old Classic Illustration 3


Colorful Classic Illustration 1


Delicate Realist Painting


Classic Oil Painting


Shaded Detailed Watercolor Painting


Stroked Detailed Modernist Painting


Chalkboard Drawing 4


Chalkboard Drawing 6


Artistic Mosaic 1


Choose an effect to your wallpaper text

3D Blue Text

3D Red Text

3D Red Text 2

Blue Acrylic Text

Green Acrylic Text

Pink Acrylic Text

Border Fire Text

Chrome Text

Chrome Text 2

Blue Chrome Text

Red Chrome Text

Shaded Border Text

Glass Text

Blue Glass Text

Blue Glass Text 2

Dark Glass Text

Green Glass Text

Green Glass Text 2

Orange Glass Text

Pink Glass Text

Pink Glass Text 2

Purple Glass Text

Purple Glass Text 2

Purple Glass Text 3

Purple Glass Text 4

Red Glass Text

Golden Text

Golden Text 2

Golden Text 3

Golden Text 4

Golden Text 5

Gradient Text

Gradient Text 2

Gradient Text 3

Gradient Text 4

Gradient Border Text

Ice Text

Ice Text 2

Ice Text 3

Lava Text

Lava Text 2

Blue Metallic Text

Blue Metallic Text 2

Blue Metallic Text 3

Blue Metallic Text 4

Brown Metallic Text

Green Metallic Text

Green Metallic Text 2

Green Metallic Text 3

Orange Metallic Text

Orange Metallic Text 2

Orange Metallic Text 3

Orange Metallic Text 4

Orange Metallic Text 5

Pink Metallic Text

Pink Metallic Text 2

Pink Metallic Text 3

Purple Metallic Text

Purple Metallic Text 2

Purple Metallic Text 3

Red Metallic Text

Red Metallic Text 2

Red Metallic Text 3

Red Metallic Text 4

Blue Plastic Text

Green Plastic Text

Green Plastic Text 2

Green Plastic Text 3

Orange Plastic Text

Pink Plastic Text

Red Plastic Text

Silver Text

Silver Text 2

Silver Text 3

Silver Text 4

Stainless Text

Stainless Text 2

Wood Text

Wood Text 2

Wood Text 3



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Vertical image fit :
Width (300 to 2600) :
Height (300 to 2600) :
  Draw your name on wallpaper
Text horizontal pos :
Text vertical pos :
Text margin :
Your name (max 25) :
Font Size :
If you see fonts in gray below, they are disabled. There are more than 100 pre-enabled fonts and 1000 extra fonts (you just need to scroll the list down to see all fonts). To know how to enable all extra fonts to be used with thousands of Picture to People text effects, click here.
Font name :
Choose a font here :
Input image (jpg, png or gif) :