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One important part of Picture to People is the set of related Computer Graphics researches.

Some of main math models and/or algorithms researched to be used in P2P are:

  • Arbitrary polygon clipping;
  • Boolean operations over polygons;
  • Self-crossing polygon simplification;
  • Texture syntesis;
  • Bitmap vectorization;
  • Color space reduction;
  • Human style drawing effects;
  • Human style painting effects;
  • Arbitrary filling;
  • Real-time warping;

Other features under research:

  • Multi-parametric image segmentation;
  • Image interpretation for arbitrary compositions;
  • Representation of arbitrary hierarchical shapes;
  • Coherent field oriented typographical effects;
  • Fast anti-aliased 2D rendering;
  • Arbitrary propagation for gradients;
  • Light effects;

The more Picture to People project grows, the more this list increases.