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Picture to People
 Design Tools


One important part of Picture to People is the set of related Computer Graphics researches.

Some of main math models and/or algorithms researched to be used in P2P are:

  • Arbitrary polygon clipping;
  • Boolean operations over polygons;
  • Self-crossing polygon simplification;
  • Parametric texture syntesis;
  • Bitmap vectorization;
  • Color space reduction;
  • Fast anti-aliased 2D rendering;
  • Natural drawing effects;
  • Natural painting effects;
  • Arbitrary image filling;
  • Real-time warping.

Other features under research:

  • Multi-parametric image segmentation;
  • 3D rendering heuristics;
  • Image interpretation for arbitrary compositions;
  • Representation of arbitrary hierarchical shapes;
  • Coherent field oriented typographical effects;
  • Arbitrary propagation for gradients;
  • Scale-resistant image enhancement;
  • Light effects.

The more Picture to People project grows, the more this list increases. As we get new development tools, we can create even more advanced graphic design effects and applications to release online.