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Custom Avatar Design Generator


Here you create a customized avatar very easily: click an image to select the effect, set some useful parameters in the page bottom if needed, choose your input photo, click the "Generate" button and you are done.

It's totally free: you can use these high quality image effects to generate any avatar for any purpose.

It offers many exclusive top photo effects and filters: we are professional computer graphics developers and make all our graphic libraries from scratch. Many image effects you see here were researched exclusively for these online photo effect generators and can't be found in any other graphic software.

We have the most versatile online image editors: if you need a more customizable photo effect, just click the small icon near the effect name to open, in a new page, a related configurable free photo effect designer (but not related to creation of custom avatars).

You could also like to know our huge list of high quality Online Text Logo Design Generators.

If you have doubts about how to use any of our softwares, please read our How To Use page.

Choose an effect to your avatar image

Simple Photo (No Effect)

Dark Pencil Drawing


Monochrome Crayon Drawing


Fine Pencil Drawing


Detailed Pencil Drawing


Fast Pencil Sketch


Traditional Black Halftone


Detailed Halftone Drawing


Lomography Effect 1


Lomography Effect 4


Gradient Cartoon Drawing


Halftone Cartoon Drawing


Typographic Photo Effect 1


Typographic Photo Effect 6


Antique Vintage Photo


Old Sepia Photo


Retro Black and White Photo


Deep Small Jigsaw Puzzle


Sand Drawing


Spray Graffiti Drawing


Spray Ghetto Graffiti


Urban Art Graffiti


Vintage Drawing 1


Vintage Drawing 3


Old Classic Illustration 3


Colorful Classic Illustration 1


Delicate Realist Painting


Classic Oil Painting


Shaded Detailed Watercolor Painting


Stroked Detailed Modernist Painting


Chalkboard Drawing 4


Chalkboard Drawing 6


Artistic Mosaic 1



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Vertical image fit :
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