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Tech and Social 3D Logo Generator

Here you have a handy free online icon designer that can create customizable 3D social icons or tech logos from many of the most known brands, sites and applications.

Create high quality custom 3D icons or logos with transparent background (optional) by using this easy online social icon maker.


  • The icons are sorted alphabetically by the names they represent, so you can easily find any logo you need.
  • Most icons below are not really square, but this icon generator always returns square images according to the size you choose. The icons are always kept proportional and the margin is calculated based on the bigger icon dimension. Since each icon has its own proportion width/height, this way there is a guarantee all generated images can be aligned, no matter which logos you choose to generate.
  • If you choose to get a transparent PNG file, the selected background color will be ignored.
  • If you want an icon with a flat front face, you just need to set "Front colors" to 1, so just the color informed in "Front color 1" will be used to render the logo.
  • Here you can create custom 3D icons or logos for the following tech and/or social brands and signs: aim, amazon, android, apple, app store, aws, baidu, basecamp, bebo, behance, bing, blip, blogger, bnter, bright kite, creative commons, chrome, cinch, cloudapp, coroflot, delicious, design bump, design float, designmoo, deviant art, dibbble, digg, diigo, dropbox, drupal, dvd, ebay, ember, etsy, evernote, facebook, facebook place, feedburner, firefox, fivehundredpx, flickr, folkd, formspring, forrst, foursquare, friendster, friend feed, gdgt, github, gmail, google, google buzz, google plus, google talk, gowalla, groove shark, hacker news, hd, hp, html5, hyves, icq, identi ca, instagram, intel, internet explorer, itunes, joomla, kik, last fm, linkedin, live journal, lovedsgn, meetup, metacafe, mixx, mobile me, mp3, msn, myspace, newsvine, ning, official fm, openid, opera, orkut, path, paypal, photobucket, picasa, pinboard, ping chat, pinterest, plixi, plurk, podcast, posterous, python, qik, quora, rdio, readernaut, reddit, retweet, robo to, rss, scribd, sharethis, skype, slashdot, slide share, smugmug, sound cloud, spotify, square space, squidoo, steam, stumbleupon, technorati, tribe net, tumblr, twitter, ubuntu, vcard, viddler, vimeo, virb, wifi, wikipedia, windows, wordpress, xing, yahoo, yahoo buzz, yahoo messenger, yelp, you tube, zerply, zinga, zootool.
  • Each one of these names and icon designs belongs to their respective owners or maintainers.

3D Icon Logos Generated Online

3D Facebook Logo
3D Android Logo
3D Apple Logo
3D HTML5 Logo

Configuration :

Image side : pixels
Inner Margin :
Background color :   
Choose an 3D model here :
icon_3d_model_01 icon_3d_model_02 icon_3d_model_03
icon_3d_model_04 icon_3d_model_05 icon_3d_model_06
icon_3d_model_07 icon_3d_model_08 icon_3d_model_09
icon_3d_model_10 icon_3d_model_11 icon_3d_model_12
icon_3d_model_13 icon_3d_model_14 icon_3d_model_15
icon_3d_model_16 icon_3d_model_17 icon_3d_model_18
icon_3d_model_19 icon_3d_model_20 icon_3d_model_21
icon_3d_model_22 icon_3d_model_23 icon_3d_model_24
3D Deepness :
Depth dark color :   
Depth bright color :   
Front gradient :
Front colors :
Front color 1 :   
Front color 2 :   
Front color 3 :   
Front outline :
Outline color :   
  Get a transparent logo (PNG file)
Choose an icon here :
aim aim 2 amazon
android apple app store
aws baidu baidu 2
basecamp bebo behance
bing blip blogger
bnter bright kite creative commons
chrome cinch cloudapp
coroflot delicious delicious 2
designbump designfloat designmoo
deviant art dibbble digg
digg 2 digg 3 diigo
dropbox drupal dvd
ebay ember etsy
evernote facebook facebook 2
facebook place feedburner firefox
fivehundredpx flickr folkd
formspring forrst foursquare
friendster friend feed gdgt
github github 2 gmail
google google 2 google buzz
google plus google talk gowalla
gowalla 2 groove shark hacker news
hd hp html5
hyves icq identi ca
instagram instagram 2 intel
internet explorer itunes joomla
kik last fm linkedin
live journal lovedsgn meetup
metacafe mixx mixx 2
mobile me mp3 mp3 2
msn msn 2 myspace
newsvine ning official fm
openid opera orkut
path paypal photobucket
picasa pinboard ping chat
pinterest plixi plurk
podcast posterous python
qik quora rdio
readernaut reddit reddit 2
retweet robo to rss
scribd sharethis skype
slashdot slide share slide share 2
smugmug sound cloud spotify
square space squidoo steam
stumbleupon stumbleupon 2 stumbleupon 3
technorati technorati 2 tribe net
tumblr twitter twitter 2
twitter 3 ubuntu vcard
viddler vimeo virb
w3c w3 wifi
wikipedia windows windows 2
wordpress wordpress 2 xing
yahoo yahoo buzz yahoo messenger
yelp you tube you tube 2
zerply zinga zootool
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