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Picture to People
 Design Tools

The Picture to People Team

We are a tiny team that loves computer graphics and design. We aim to offer high quality graphic design tools for everybody all around the internet.

We share most of the project tasks this way:

  • Computer graphics study and research: Leonardo Almeida;
  • Computer graphics libraries development: Leonardo Almeida;
  • Website back-end development: Leonardo Almeida;
  • Website front-end development: Leonardo Almeida and contributors;
  • Deploy and backup: Leonardo Almeida;
  • Servers administration: Leonardo Almeida;
  • Interface tests: Larissa Moura and contributors;
  • User support: Larissa Moura and Leonardo Almeida.

Leonardo is the project creator. He still is the main Picture to People developer and project leader. He has been a professional CG researcher and developer for more than 20 years. You can find him here.

Thanks to all contributors who donated fonts, textures and other assets to this project.