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Picture to People
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This page contains general information on how we reward our users who support this project as recurring donors (subscribers). The rewards we offer are our way of showing our gratitude for your support. Our Donation page is hosted on, a secure platform specialized in collecting donations for thousands of people around the world. Please, be sure to read this entire page carefully to know all benefits you can get and to understand how to get them.

We need donations because this site is huge, complex in the server side and expensive to maintain. We need to pay for dedicated servers, bandwidth, monitoring, protection infrastructure, backup, etc. This site shows a few non-invasive ads, so they don't disturb the usability offered to you (most pages have one single ad). However, currently these few ads are not enough to pay for all costs, so we need to prioritize the users who want to help us keep the project online.

We accept and are gratefull for one-time donations, but you must be a subscriber to sign-in and to have access to rewards, because rewards are strictly linked to your subscription level. We can not associate one-time donations to any reward. Be sure to go to the "Membership" tab on our Donation page to subscribe and get rewards as shown below. You can subscribe by using PayPal or a credit card. All donations are totally safe, protected by strong encryption.

When you subscribe, we automatically sign you up for the Picture to People website (if you don't have an account yet), and you will receive an email with the subject "Complete your sign-up to Picture to People" explaining how to set up your password to be able to login (be sure to look at your spam folder if necessary). This email is sent automatically using a sender from our domain (

The available rewards are as follows:

  • Use all graphic design apps with no attributions: this project is free for everyone, even for commercial use, but you must provide credits to Picture to People, also including a link to this website (see more details in the Use License). However, you can give any destination to all images you create by using this site with no attribution to Picture to People if you go to our Donation page and subscribe to this reward. You need to access the "Membership" part of the donation page to get this reward.

  • Use 1,000 extra fonts in thousands of text logo design apps: if you subscribe to this reward on our Donation page, a thousand more fonts will be available for you to use in thousands of our text design apps. Besides, you will get the previous reward as well. You need to access the "Membership" part of the donation page to get this reward.

If you decide later that you no longer wish to support the Picture to People project, you can cancel your subscription at any time, so you will stop helping to maintain it online.

When providing your information during the subscription process, inform carefully your best e-mail address, because it will be used to identify your user in Picture to People site when you sign-in, and we will communicate with you through such address to provide further instructions. You must inform an email address that contains only simple ASCII characteres, or your account will not be properly created and you will not have access to your rewards. Letters (a-z), numbers (0-9), dot (.), hyphen (-) and underline (_) are allowed characters.

If you decide to change to other subscription tier, you can manage your membership on the website (simply login to the Ko-fi account used to become a Picture to People subscriber). You will need to donate the total amount of your new tier, because pro-rata donations for partial months of membership are not offered. If this is an issue for you despite the donation amounts being very low, you may wait for a date close to the next billing cycle to switch tiers as you wish (each billing cycle should be about 30 days long). Never try to make one-time donations to upgrade to a higher tier, because it does not work. One-time donations do not relate to rewards. After you change your tier, your rewards will reflect that change immediately, no matter if you upgraded or downgraded.

Please follow carefully these simple instructions presented on this page to get your rewards, because, as explained in our Terms of Service, we do not refund any donation, no matter the reason. As explained above, rewards are strictly linked to your subscription level, so one-time donations can not be linked to any reward. Be sure to subscribe for the proper tier on our Donation page if you want to receive rewards.

The few ads shown by this site (usually one per page) are displayed to all users, even to signed-in subscribers. Currently the rewards we can offer do not contemplate an ads-free experience.

If you have more doubts about rewards and donations, have a look at the Picture to People Discussion Group. If you can't find there an answer for your inquiry, post a question to get help.