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Picture to People
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Use License

This page defines the license to use the images and other resources created or modified by using this site. Such license is valid since December 01, 2021. Anything other than the license specified on this page is not valid anymore since this license came into force.

The Picture to People project developers (also referred just as "the developers", "the team" or "we") can update this Use License at any time without notice, and the most current version of such license will always be published on this page.

All resources (images, files, informations, etc) generated or modified by Picture to People site are licensed according to the following terms and conditions of use:

  • Every resource created or modified by this site is free to use for any purpose, personal or commercial, as long as you provide attribution to Picture to People project. If a resource is used in any digital asset (blog, site, social media profile, video, e-book, post, document, game, software interface, etc), you must also include a link to this site (

  • In case you don't want to provide attribution to Picture to People, you have to become a supporter by donating a very small value monthly. If you decide later that you no longer want to use this website, you can cancel your recurrent donations at any time, so you will stop supporting this project from that moment on. In any case, you can use with no attribution the result images that you have created during the time you were a supporter. You can find out more by visiting the Rewards page.

  • At discretion of the Picture to People team, promotions can be created to offer extra rights and features to users who don't support the project with donations. Visit the Rewards page to know if there are any promotions in progress.