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How to Use

This page has important information about the Picture to People online graphic design apps and how to use this site. Most design apps have specific tips on their pages and occasionally those particular informations can override these generic ones.

By using this site, you confirm you have read and accepted our Terms of Service. All images and resources created or modified by using this site are licensed according to our Use License. To know details about the rewards we offer to subscribers, please have a look at the Rewards page. You can also find some extra information on the FAQ page.

After reading this page, if you have more doubts or need some extra help, have a look at the Picture to People Discussion Group. If you can't find there an answer for your problem, post a question there to get support. The "Contact Us" form on this website must not be used to anything related to the graphic design tools, including supposed errors or requests for new features. Besides, do not use the Picture to People social media profiles to get any kind of help.

Only if you are a subscriber and have a problem with your account, you can use the form to ask for support (inform "Account Help" in the "Subject" field). In all other cases, the Discussion Group is the right place to get help or to make requests.

To have the best experience when using the Picture to People site, please regard these important informations presented below:

  • To execute this website correctly, you must access it with Javascript enabled in your browser. We also need to use some cookies to make the site work (our cookies do not collect user data).

  • You must not block the ads shown on this website, or it will not work properly and will show an error message. The ads could be blocked by browser extensions, the browser itself, or antivirus software, so you may need to check all of these. If you get the ads blocking error when using this site, be sure to totally unblock the domain, along with its subdomains (like for example, for HTTP and HTTPS communication. Unfortunately, we can not offer support to help users to unblock the site, because there are many situations and possibilities, and we can't know them all. If you have problems with your browser, try other browser or look for a solution on the internet. If you have problems with your antivirus or a browser plugin, please contact the people who create or distribute such software.

  • We can offer exclusive resources and features for supporters, so you can find disabled parts in the design apps. Visit the Rewards page to know how to enable all features from this site.

  • Picture to People site has nine general feature sections that you can easily access by clicking the "Design Tools" item in the header. It is the best option to have access to all main design app collections from one place:

    • Text Effects;
    • Photo Effects;
    • Image Logo Effects;
    • Photo Frames;
    • Social Images;
    • Sticker Makers;
    • Typography Effects;
    • Image Utilities;
    • Easy Photo Editor.

  • We offer thousands of free online graphic design apps (it's not an overstatement). To have a better idea about the tools we have already released, or to find the best design software for your needs, you have several useful options:

    • Click "Design Tools" in the page header and choose an item from the list that shows up;
    • Choose one of the recommended app collections at the bottom of the page;
    • Navigate to one of the pages linked in the page footer;
    • Make a search by using the search box in the page footer (the "Images" tab from the result page can be very useful too).

  • For all Picture to People online graphic generators, you must wait for the complete page load before requesting an effect calculation. Asking for a result from an incomplete page usually generates an error response. If you receive an error message about an invalid effect name, for example, possibly you clicked the "Generate" button while the page was just partially formed.

  • For most image effects, you must upload JPG, PNG or GIF files. For each online photo effect tool, there is a label just above the upload button informing which file formats are allowed.

  • For most design apps, maximum upload size is 5MB. Any bigger file can be refused, so the effect will not be calculated. It's important to control the individual traffic and server overload. If you need, reduce your image size before uploading it to our server.

  • Apart of the file size, if you upload an image with too many pixels, it probably will be reduced before the effect calculation. In this case, you will receive back an image that is smaller than the one you uploaded.

  • Professional level Computer Graphics effects don't come easily. In general, P2P procedural effects need very memory and time intensive calculations, what is intrinsic to them. Usually they take from some seconds to kind of one or two minutes to be calculated, depending on the chosen effect and the input image.

  • After you ask for an effect calculation, respect the warning message that says to you wait for the result. You probably will get your result in one minute at most, so be patient. Remember that response time also depends on your link and internet speed. If you click the "back" button of your browser or refresh the page, you will lose your request and will need to start again.

  • Concerning the text effects, you should know that a lot of fonts are not perfect, because they have wrong or incomplete data in their original files. Possible consequences are, for example, absence of lower case or upper case letters, or absence of some characters. If you get any unexpected result using a font, very probably it's not a P2P error. Try the same effect with some other fonts and probably you will have a correct result.

  • When you go to use a text effect generator, your language can be relevant. Below there is the list of languagues that are fully supported by our online text makers:

    • Afrikaans;
    • Albanian;
    • Basque;
    • Breton;
    • Catalan;
    • Corsican;
    • Danish;
    • English (UK and US);
    • Faroese;
    • Galician;
    • German;
    • Icelandic;
    • Indonesian;
    • Irish (new orthography);
    • Italian;
    • Latin (basic classical orthography);
    • Leonese;
    • Luxembourgish (basic classical orthography);
    • Malay;
    • Manx;
    • Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk);
    • Occitan;
    • Portuguese;
    • Rhaeto-Romanic;
    • Scottish Gaelic;
    • Spanish;
    • Swahili;
    • Swedish;
    • Walloon.

  • That's the list of languagues that are almost fully supported (missing few characters) by our online text generators:

    • Catalan;
    • Czech;
    • Dutch;
    • Estonian;
    • Finnish;
    • French;
    • Hungarian;
    • Irish (traditional orthography);
    • Latin with macrons;
    • Maori;
    • Turkish;
    • Welsh.

  • If your language is not in the list, you still can use the online text creators, but you can get wrong results when generating texts with special letters or symbols. Furthermore, no matter Picture to People text effect tools can process the more uncommon chars of the cited languages, the software still depends on the font file data to know how to draw such chars. It means that if you choose a font that doesn't implement a char of your language, that char can be rendered as an empty space, a square or whatever the font data contains for that symbol.

  • If you have problems rendering more complex texts, you can choose the Arial or Tahoma fonts, because for sure they have all characters for the fully supported languages (and most for the partially supported ones). They are not artistic or special fonts, but at least you can create the text effect with the correct spelling.

  • Several text effects don't work well with some kinds of fonts or some sizes. Anyway, every available font can be used at least with some effects giving good results. You need to use the effects to understand their behavior and find the effect/font combinations you like most. As an example, there are some effects that don't work well with thin font faces. In such cases, be sure to choose a thick font to get better results.

  • The bigger the image you use as input for an effect, the more time its calculation will last. Don't upload large images if you don't need they large.

  • One easy, understandable and still useful way to change the final result of an effect is to make some smart preprocessing of the input photo. Changes in bright, contrast and histogram, for example, are very simple to get and can improve drastically the final result depending on the chosen effect and the result you are looking for. The more you use the effects, the more confortable you get about what you need to make to achieve the results you want.

  • You can get very nice and even surprising results by mixing individual effects. Think about using the output image of an effect as the input image for another one if you feel it could give you a beautiful art. It's always interesting to use the imagination and try something not obvious.