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3D Animal Logo Creator

It's an easy and fast online icon creator app developed to generate customized 3D icons and logos for free.

When using this free online icon generator software to design a beautiful logo, you can get a cool icon with transparent background. Here you can design a very customized and high quality 3D icon, symbol, ornament or logo to your company, card, banner, flyer, poster, folder, header, title, cover, drawing, book, page, blog, site, app, game, document, avatar, Facebook, Twitter, social image, wallpaper, graphic design, image composition or whatever you want.


  • Most icons below are not square, but this icon generator always returns square images according to the size you choose. The icons are always kept proportional and the margin is calculated based on the bigger icon dimension. Since each icon has its own proportion width/height, this way there is a guarantee all generated images can be aligned, no matter which logos you choose to generate.
  • If you choose to get a transparent PNG file, the selected background color will be ignored.
  • If you want a logo with a flat front face, you just need to set "Front colors" to 1, so just the color informed in "Front color 1" will be used to render the logo.

3D Animal Icons Created Online

3D Animal Logo Icon 1
3D Animal Logo Icon 2

Configuration :

Image side : pixels
Inner Margin :
Background color :   
Choose an 3D model here :
icon_3d_model_01 icon_3d_model_02 icon_3d_model_03
icon_3d_model_04 icon_3d_model_05 icon_3d_model_06
icon_3d_model_07 icon_3d_model_08 icon_3d_model_09
icon_3d_model_10 icon_3d_model_11 icon_3d_model_12
icon_3d_model_13 icon_3d_model_14 icon_3d_model_15
icon_3d_model_16 icon_3d_model_17 icon_3d_model_18
icon_3d_model_19 icon_3d_model_20 icon_3d_model_21
icon_3d_model_22 icon_3d_model_23 icon_3d_model_24
3D Deepness :
Depth dark color :   
Depth bright color :   
Front gradient :
Front colors :
Front color 1 :   
Front color 2 :   
Front color 3 :   
Front outline :
Outline color :   
  Get a transparent logo (PNG file)
Choose a style here :
animal_001 animal_002 animal_003
animal_004 animal_005 animal_006
animal_007 animal_008 animal_009
animal_010 animal_011 animal_012
animal_013 animal_014 animal_015
animal_016 animal_017 animal_019
animal_020 animal_021 animal_022
animal_024 animal_025 animal_026
animal_027 animal_029 animal_030
animal_031 animal_032 animal_034
animal_035 animal_036 animal_037
animal_038 animal_039 animal_040
animal_041 animal_042 animal_043
animal_044 animal_045 animal_046
animal_047 animal_048 animal_049
animal_050 animal_051 animal_052
animal_053 animal_054 animal_055
animal_056 animal_057 animal_058
animal_059 animal_060 animal_061
animal_062 animal_063 animal_064
animal_065 animal_066 animal_067
animal_068 animal_069 animal_070
animal_071 animal_072 animal_073
animal_074 animal_075 animal_076
animal_077 animal_078 animal_079
animal_080 animal_081 animal_082
animal_083 animal_084 animal_085
animal_086 animal_087 animal_088
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