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Floral Sticker Art Creator

It's a fast and easy sticker image creator app developed to generate customized stickers and labels with optional transparent background (as PNG sticker images).

This online sticker maker software offers many sticker shape styles and advanced customizable transformations, so you can easily produce a high quality sticker to your interface, header, title, cover, page, blog, site, app, game, party, event, Facebook, Twitter, social image, wallpaper, graphic design, image composition or whatever you want.


  • You can control the size of the logo inside the sticker by using the "Inner logo size" configuration element, and you can change the logo position by modifying the "Logo offset" interface items.
  • For the sticker body or the inner logo, if you want a drawing with a plain color instead of a gradient, just set the related number of colors to 1, so only the first color will be used.
  • If you choose to get a sticker with transparent background (PNG image), the selected back color will be ignored.
  • The labels and sticker images below are just samples. They don't show all possibilities that can be generated by using this modern free sticker creator application.

Flower Sticker Maker

Flower Sticker and Label Effect

Transparent Floral Sticker Maker

Transparent Floral Sticker Effect

Configuration :

Image Size :
Margin :
Background color :   
Choose a shape here :
Shape 001 Shape 002 Shape 003
Shape 004 Shape 005 Shape 006
Shape 007 Shape 008 Shape 009
Shape 010 Shape 011 Shape 012
Shape 013 Shape 014 Shape 015
Shape 016 Shape 017 Shape 018
Shape 019 Shape 020 Shape 021
Shape 022 Shape 023 Shape 024
Shape 025 Shape 026 Shape 027
Shape 028 Shape 029 Shape 030
Shape 031 Shape 032 Shape 033
Shape 034 Shape 035 Shape 036
Shape 037 Shape 038 Shape 039
Shape 040 Shape 041 Shape 042
Shape 043 Shape 044 Shape 045
Shape 046 Shape 047 Shape 048
Shape rotation :
Sticker gradient :
Sticker colors :
Sticker color 1 :   
Sticker color 2 :   
Sticker color 3 :   
Sticker contour :
Contour color :   
Choose a style here :
flower_001 flower_002 flower_003
flower_004 flower_005 flower_006
flower_007 flower_008 flower_009
flower_010 flower_011 flower_013
flower_014 flower_015 flower_016
flower_019 flower_020 flower_021
flower_023 flower_024 flower_025
flower_028 flower_029 flower_030
flower_031 flower_032 flower_033
flower_035 flower_036 flower_037
flower_038 flower_039 flower_040
flower_041 flower_042 flower_043
flower_044 flower_045 flower_046
flower_047 flower_048 flower_049
flower_050 flower_051 flower_052
flower_053 flower_054 flower_055
flower_056 flower_057 flower_058
flower_059 flower_060 flower_064
flower_065 flower_066 flower_067
flower_068 flower_069 flower_070
flower_071 flower_072 flower_073
flower_074 flower_075 flower_076
flower_077 flower_078 flower_079
flower_080 flower_081 flower_082
flower_083 flower_084 flower_086
flower_087 flower_088 flower_089
flower_090 flower_022 flower_063
Inner logo size :
Logo rotation :
Logo offset X :
Logo offset Y :
Logo gradient :
Logo colors :
Logo color 1 :   
Logo color 2 :   
Logo color 3 :   
Logo contour :
Logo contour color :   
  Draw shadow
Shadow position :
Shadow distance :
Shadow dispersion :
Shadow fade :
  Draw paper fold
Fold position :
Fold size :
Fold material :
Fold color :   
Fold darkness :
  Get as a transparent PNG file
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