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Simple Photo Frame Creator

It's a powerful border generator that can easily add frame to photos online. Please, read the tips below before using one of our best photo frame maker apps.

When using this free online frame maker to design a beautiful border to your picture, you have many decoration styles to choose. Here you can produce a high quality and customized frame to your portrait, landscape, card, banner, flyer, poster, header, title, cover, drawing, page, blog, site, app, game, document, picture, avatar, social image, wallpaper, graphic design, image composition or whatever you want.


  • if your input photo is very big, it can be reduced before the frame effect generation.
  • the "Frame style" parameter informs where the image frame is drawn. If you choose "Inner", the border is created inside the photo canvas. If you select "Outer", the frame is generated externally regarding the image canvas.

Classic Frame Maker

Classic Photo Frame 1
Classic Photo Frame 2

Configuration :

Frame style :
  Draw outer frame
Outer frame size : pixels
Outer frame contour :
Outer frame color :   
Outer contour color :   
  Draw middle frame
Middle frame size : pixels
Middle frame contour :
Middle frame color :   
Middle contour color :   
  Draw inner frame
Inner frame size : pixels
Inner frame contour :
Inner frame color :   
Inner contour color :   
Input image (jpg, png or gif) :
 Color Picker  (click a color)