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Rainbow Neon Light Photo Effect

By using this online photo light generator, you can convert pictures into rainbow glowing drawings.

Turn your favorite portraits and landscapes into very beautiful, stylized, colorful, shiny, rainbow light illustrations in an easy way and for free.


  • the neon illustration examples shown below use the same rainbow light configuration and show all light diffusion styles. Have a good look at them to easily choose the glowing style you prefer.
  • this light photo effect generator designs more beautiful rainbow drawings from input pictures that have well defined contours and regions.
  • if your result is not as good as you expected, possibly it's caused by the color distribution of the input image. Usually you can improve the output image by making some pre-processing of the input photo colors. For the trivial operations like changing brightness or contrast, you can use Picture to People Image Editor and to get some more sofisticated transformations (like smart saturation changing or color redistribution) you can take advantage of Picture to People original Photo Effects.

Original photo
Original photo

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect (diffusion 1)

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect 1

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect (diffusion 2)

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect 2

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect (diffusion 3)

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect 3

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect (diffusion 4)

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect 4

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect (diffusion 5)

Rainbow Neon Photo Effect 5

Configuration :

Color improvement :
Improvement level :
Rainbow direction :
Rainbow colors :
Rainbow color 1 :    (HTML style)   
Rainbow color 2 :    (HTML style)   
Rainbow color 3 :    (HTML style)   
Rainbow color 4 :    (HTML style)   
Rainbow color 5 :    (HTML style)   
Light diffusion style :
Input image (jpg, png or gif) :
 Color Picker  (click a color)


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