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Here you can see many interesting examples about what our Photo Sketch tool can make.

All images have been used as input in the size you see them. Some of them could become an even more detailed pencil sketch or drawing if they were a little bigger (but a too big input is not the best option every time).

There are 8 pencil sketch examples and 12 pencil drawing examples.

biquini biquini_photo_to_pencil_sketch

buterfly buterfly_photo_to_pencil_sketch

car car_photo_to_pencil_drawing

cellphone cellphone_photo_to_pencil_drawing

computer computer_photo_to_pencil_drawing

face face_photo_to_pencil_drawing

face2 face2_photo_to_pencil_sketch

flowers flowers_photo_to_pencil_drawing

gun gun_photo_to_pencil_drawing

hand hand_photo_to_pencil_sketch

house house_photo_to_pencil_drawing

lion lion_photo_to_pencil_sketch

monkey monkey_photo_to_pencil_sketch

ship ship_photo_to_pencil_drawing

statue statue_photo_to_pencil_drawing

statue2 statue2_photo_to_pencil_sketch

table table_photo_to_pencil_drawing

tiger tiger_photo_to_pencil_sketch

trees trees_photo_to_pencil_drawing

vase vase_photo_to_pencil_drawing


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