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Here a pattern is a black shape in a white background. These effects use patterns as input. You can upload a colorful image, but it will be turned black and white before applying the effect.

The effects are grouped by kind of result. Look at the left side menu to find quickly what you are looking for.

Select the desired effect and after choose the pattern to upload.

Available Effects :

Use pattern as effect closure
Outside closure color :   

Outside color is a BGR value in hexa.
Examples: 000000 is black, FFFFFF is white, FF0000 is total pure blue, 0000FF is total pure red, 00FFFF is yellow.

Outside color is used only when the closure option is checked.

Input Pattern (jpg or jpeg) :
  • Pattern Effect Types

    • Alien
    • Brick
    • Cloud
    • Concrete
    • Crystal
    • Dirt and Pollution
    • Drawing
    • Fire
    • Food
    • Ice
    • Metal
    • Other
    • Painting
    • Plant
    • Sand
    • Smoothing
    • Stone
    • Water