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Creating a terror text

Here you will see how to transform the water text effect in another thing completely different.

After trying this, maybe you feel more motivated about creating your own ways to make new results from Picture to People tools.

First we will create a text using the first water effect. Go to [Procedural Text Effects] / [Water] and choose the effect showed below.

Select a font of your choice. I suggest a simple font with an average thick face. I have used the "Lady Copra Wide" font in big size. Here you can see the original text (caught with the "Preview Text" button).

It's the result after applying the water effect.

Now go to [Photo Effects] / [Color Improvement] and apply the second effect on the list (the one showed here).

After this, you should have this result.

So apply the orange colorization over the above image. It's this effect and you can find it in [Image Editor] / [Colorization].

This is the result.

Now go to [Photo Effects] / [Detail Enhancement] and apply this effect over the image.

So you should get this.

In [Image Editor] / [Contrast] you can find a contrast tool. Improve the contrast of the previous image in +30% to get what you see below.

Now apply a red colorization over the above image going to [Image Editor] / [Colorization] and choosing the effect showed here.

This is the final result. You can create your own ways to transform an effect in something very different.