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Drawing a fading smoke column

Picture to People pattern effects bring to you a huge amount of possibilities to draw interesting pieces to use in compositions.

Here you will learn how to use a pattern effect to render a fading smoke column. It's very easy and you don't need to be a designer.

First we need to create a pattern to apply the effect over. Actually it's very easy and you can use Windows Paint (or any other free trivial drawing program).

Since P2P smoke generator must be generic, its smoke is kind of dense, but using a simple trick we can make a pattern that "tells" the effect generator we would like to have some fading when rendering the smoke.

The secret is simple: when creating a pattern to use as input in the smoke effect generator, you just need to mix small black and white regions where you want some fading. For your smoke column, we can achieve this result easily using Windows Paint by drawing the "column pattern" with its spray tool (I suggest the biggest spray size).

It's an image created in Windows Paint and a good example of pattern to use in smoke rendering:

Now just apply over the pattern the effect showed below. You can find it in [Pattern Effects] / [Dirt and Pollution]. It's the last effect in the list.

Here is the result after using the effect: