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Drawing a realistic cloud

Pattern effects are a very powerful tool. Using them you can create countless nice images to use alone or in any kind of composition.

Here you will learn how to use two pattern effects together to draw a realistic cloud. No designer skills needed.

First we need the pattern which will be transformed into a cloud. In Windows Paint (or any other very trivial free drawing software) start a new image with white background. Remember the biggest pattern P2P accepts is 400x400 pixels. So draw a lot of filled black overlapping ellipses. Save this image as a jpg file and upload it to P2P server. Probably jpg compression will bring some flaws and blurring to your image, but it's irrelevant.

Here the image created in Windows Paint and used in this tutorial:

Now, as a first experiment, let's apply to this pattern the effect shown below. You find it in [Pattern Effects] / [Cloud]. It's the last effect.

Here is the result after using the effect:

As you can see, it's not bad, but it looks more like cotton than like a cloud. What was wrong? The problem is the input pattern has a big flat black region. This way, the pattern "tells" the effect generator you would like to have a region with as low randomness as possible.

It's easy to solve this problem: you just need to get a not so flat input image. If you want, you can draw by hand some small white regions inside the pattern, but you don't have to. We can use another pattern effect as a pre-processing step before applying the cloud effect.

Go to [Pattern Effects] / [Drawing] and give your pattern as input for the effect showed below.

Here you see what we get from this drawing effect. Save it as a jpg file to upload to Picture to People server.

Now we have a rougher enough pattern to use as input in cloud effect. Apply the same cloud effect to this new input image, so you get this:

Now the result is random and looks like a nice cloud. As you can see, pattern effects are even more powerful together. The more you use Picture to People effects, the more you will be able to get impressive results.