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Getting colors that match

A palette generator is a very usuful tool. The main goal is present you a group of colors that match by some criteria.

This way, you get a good help to find the proper colors to put together in a software interface, a piece of art, etc.

Here you will learn how to get a nice pastel palette to choose fitting colors from.

Sometimes we start testing colors in a interface, but something goes wrong. The colors look like unsuitable to stay together because the result has no harmony and is kind of ugly.

When you wanna make an interface with soft colors, for example, a good method to keep colors related in a subtle but important way is use colors with the same brightness and saturation. If you do that, people usually don't know why, but they "feel" your colors fit each others. Here we are not talking about tone over tone combinations, but about how to make a good mix of different hues.

The task above can be done easily with Picture to People Palette Generator. Everything you need is an initial color that for sure you would like to have in your final result.

Suppose we have a pastel blue color and we are looking for other colors to use together in a software interface. We wanna a soft result with color fitting. Here you see the input (pivot) color used in this example. In HTML format its value is #AACCFF.

Now go to the Palette Generator (in "Colors" section of left side menu), and configure it as the below image shows.

Generating the result palette, you will get a lot of colors with dfferent hues, but with the same brightness and saturation. Below you can see an image showing just a part of this palette.

That's it. From the result palette you can choose, for example, a red, magenta, yellow, green or ciano tone that matches the pivot color. All these colors really fit well because they are equal in some important properties.