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Old times newspaper effect

Here you will learn how to make a very nice retro style effect.

You will transform a photo in a "black and white printing" like there was in newspapers a long time ago.

First choose the photo you would like to transform and make sure it's a jpg file. Remember Picture to People accepts photos having a maximum size of 1200x1200 pixels.

Here we will use this input picture:

Use P2P Image Editor to make this image gray. Go to [Image Editor] / [Grayscale] and use the tool showed below. It's the first one and will give you a 256 tones gray image.

Here you can see the result gray image. Save it as a jpg file, so you can upload it to P2P server.

Now go to [Photo Effects] / [Dithering] and apply the effect showed below over the gray photo.

It's done. Here you see the final result for the old newspaper retro effect.

Changing the bright and/or contrast of the input gray photo before applying the final effect, you can change the look of your final image. The input used in this tutorial, for example, didn't have a very high contrast, what causes some lack of details in final result. You can make this kind of pre-processing with P2P Image Editor.