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Inventing a carved rock text

Here you will see how to create a simple but useful carved text starting from the water text effect.

The idea here is once more show you how the graphic tools in this site can be versatile if you have some imagination.

The main goal of this tutorial is show how things can be trasnformed with Picture to People tools and you can always try something new. If you are just looking for interesting effects to make rock or stone text, I suggest you have a good try on [Procedural Text Effects] / [Metal] and mainly on [Procedural Text Effects] / [Stone]. There you can easily get results like showed in next five images below. These results are more realistic than the result you will get following this tutorial.

Now let's start the tutorial. First we will create an image using the first water text effect. Go to [Procedural Text Effects] / [Water] and choose the effect showed below.

There is no trick about choosing the font. I just suggest a simple font with an average thick face to get a more readable result. I have used the "Lady Copra Wide" font in big size. Here you can see the original text (got using the "Preview Text" button).

Here you see the result after applying the water effect.

Go to [Photo Effects] / [Color Improvement] and apply the second effect on the list (the one showed here).

The output text is like that.

Click in [Photo Effects] / [Detail Enhancement] and apply the second effect over the text. First you see the effect to use and after the result of its application.

Now go to [Image Editor] / [Channel] and invert the image colors applying this filter.

The result is like this.

Personally I prefer the result of the carved text in orange. Use the orange colorization over the above image. It's in [Image Editor] / [Colorization] and you can see it here.

That's the final text. Nobody guess it cames from the water text effect.

As a final tip, if you prefer a less colorful result you can apply over it the second effect found in [Photo Effects] / [Color Improvement]. So you will get this image. As an optional step, you can increase the brightness of the below image too.